Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back from the 2010 IDDBA in Houston, and boy did we get a lot of ideas! This show was immense! Wall to wall booths overflowing with deli meats, bulk candy, and specialty cakes. Lisa and I were blown away by the sheer size of this show and by the old time beauty of the city. Not only did we gain numerous new connections and possible ideas, but we were also lucky enough to hear an incredibly inspirational speech from former President George. W. Bush, the focal point of which defended small business owners. Lisa met Cap't. Sig Hanson from Discovery Channels: The Deadliest Catch, and she nearly had a cow. It was so nice to meet all of the wonderful and engaging people at this show-- they were the ones who truly made it worthwhile.

Pictures are on the way!

-Chris Ketcham

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lisa and I are heading to the IDDBA Expo in Houston on Friday. Planning on scouting out some new ideas to match our new location. It's one of the largest baking shows throughout the year, and, though it may not be exciting to the everyday citizen, for us baking fools, this is better than Christmas. Looking forward to sampling all of the great products.

--Happy Baking,

Chris Ketcham.